Friday, March 12, 2010


I'll admit to loving things just because they look good. Apparently, so does Moschino.

What's interesting about these windows is that a point of visual interest is always needed when you look at something two-dimensional. (Yes, I would consider window displays very much two-dimensional, in essence, since they are technically non-interactive when viewed from the outside, and since composition is such a huge factor in their creation.) For example, when you have enough fuschia punch, pearly baubles, and floral print chiffon ruffles, the mannequins can stand well alone --- maybe toss a couple patent leather handbags on the side for maximum product placement. But, when you decide to showcase something as basic as a black gown, you're going to need a 10 Ft sunburst multi-panel mosaic glass mirror with a face on it, okay? Moschino, Meatpacking District, Manhattan. March 2010


  1. very nice ! I am so ready to get back to NYC for the day! great shots!!

  2. Thank you! Hope you enjoy your next trip to NYC! Get some photos and share it with the rest of us. ;)