Friday, September 3, 2010


I wouldn't go as far as calling myself a "gleek", but I have always adored the show from the start. So many questions about the new season --- what songs are they going to sing/dance to? How will Emma and the Dentist meet? Are Rachel and Finn really going to survive high school as a couple? What will Puck think of Quinn giving up the baby? What is Kurt going to wear? But more importantly......WHEN IS THE JAVIER BARDEM/SUE SYLVESTER EPISODE GOING TO AIR?

In the spirit of things Glee-related, Macy's even has a new Glee line on the Teen/Missy Fashion floor. Thank you Macy's on 34th, for getting us revved up for the new season, premiering 9/21. Love the new windows showcasing original costumes from the show!

Macy's, 34th Street, Manhattan, August 2010.

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