Saturday, September 11, 2010

Second Skin

Although I rarely dress like a goth, everyone has dark fantasies, and mine are lace and tattoos. I can never personally get a tattoo because, depending on the type of tattoo and where you get it and how many tattoos you have, I feel they are like an exclamation mark on your body that exclaims what era you lived in. However, I can always wear lace... and if I were a beautiful and tall tattoo artist like this lady here in Bergdorf Goodman's Curtain Call live presentation Fifth Avenue windows for Fashion's Night Out 2010, I'd also wear a long, backless, black lace gown. While tattooing.

I absolutely adore this concept. It's right up there next to the "Wax Poetry". The tattoo artist is tattooing a mannequin covered in thin leather/pleather skin. Her tattoo artwork is reminiscent of 19th century lithographs. You know, the medical and zoology encyclopedias of that time. The dose of irony comes in the form of the adorably dressed little lady on the left. By Douglas Little. Bergdorf Goodman, Manhattan, Fashion's Night Out 2010.

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  1. Fiona - oh my Goth! Loved your photos from today, and yesterday. Your subject line is so clever. Love the tats! Thanks for sharing these splendid windows. BG always impresses!